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Industries Categories

AC & Trane AC
AC Drive
AC Variable Freq. Drive
Agricultural Power Plus Battery Sprayer
Air Costumes
Airconditioaner & Motor Rewinding
Allied Products
Alu./Co. sandwich
Army Suppliers
Assambly Service
Audio-Video CD Production
Auto Friction Feeder
Automatic Clutch Control System
Automation Solution
Automative Connectors
Battery Charger
Business MGMT Software
C. N. G. Gas Kit
Car Repairing
Cassettes Production
CCTV Camera
Civil Contractor
CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Machines
Comparison Testers Valves
Computer & Elec. ETC
Computer Hardware
Control Panel
Controllers for levelling instruments
Copper Clad Laminate (PCB)
Crystal/Xtal Osc/TCXO/VCXO/OCXO/Filters/Synthesizers/Local Osc/LNA/Solid state Switches
Custom Built Control Panels
D.C WELDING Machines
Data Logging Software Packages
Data Processor
DC Drives
DC power Supplies
Dead Weight Tester
Deflection Yoke
Design Consultants
Diamond Processing
Digital Indicator
Distribution Tranformer
Earthing Electcode
E-Governance Software
ELCB/MCB Circuit Breakers
Ele. Lamination & Stamping
Electrical Fabrication work
Electrical Stamping
Electronic Control Panels
Electronic Controllers
Electronic Measuring Instruments
Electronic Sheet Metal Fabrication
Electronic Survilance
Electronics & Communication
Electronics PCB
Electronics PCB Soldering Job Work
Electronics Weighing Scale
Elevator Componets
Embedded System
Energy Audit
Epoxy Laminate Sheet
ERP Software
F.M.C.G. Distributionship
Fan Regulator
Flexible & Rigid PCB
FMCG Products Distributor
Fogging Systems
Friction Feeder
Fruit Powder
Fuel Dispensers
Fuel Suction Pumps
Furniture Mfrs
Graphic Overlay Lables
High Pressure Cooling Systems
High Security Registration Plates
Home Lighting System
Ice cream
IF & R. I. Coil
IGBT Stacks
Industrial Electonics
Intra Ocular Lens
IT Company
Job Works
L. G. Electronics of Airconditioner
Laser Equipment
Laser Machine
Laser Marking on Matel and Non Metal
Laser Technology
Learning Centre
LED Light
LED Optic LENSES for MR-PAR-Street Light-Other LED Lights
LED Scrolling-Moving Message Displays/video Screen Displays
Lift door Elevators
Logging (Service Provider of ONGC)
Loose Parts Copper B/B
Mains Chord
Man Power
Manufacturing of Transformer
Marble and R.C.C Benches
Mechanical Precision Labour
Medical Pharma Distributors
Medical Plastic Components/Containers for Pharma
Membran Keypads
Metal Enclosures
Mfg Wooden Box for Gharghanti
MFRS Diamond
Microwave components
Milk Products
Name Plate
NC Bending
Oil Dispenser
Other Allied Business
P.C.B. Manu & Assly Job Works
Packaging - Box Manugacturing
Panel Board
Panel Statcom
PCB Assembling
Pcb Designing
PCB Machinery
PCB Manufacturer
Pharma Products
Piezo Buzzer
Plastic Film Capacitor
Plastic Moulded Articles
Plastic Moulding
Powder Coating
Power Cord
Power Relay
Power Semi Conductor
Power-Control-Instrument Panels
Precision Mech Work
Printed Circuit Board
Printing Press
Process Instrumentation
PVC Products for Light
Quality Control
R & D
R & Support
R.O. Products
Rubber Articals
S. S. Row Material
Safety Equipments
Satelite Receiving System
Scanners Isolator
Security Service Provider
Security Uniforms
Seed Coat
Service & Maintenance
Servo System
Sheet Metal Components
SMD components
Software Developers
Solar Grid Tied Inverter
Solar Inverter
Space and Defence Products
Stainless Steel Etching
System Integration
Telecom Communication
Testing Equpments
Testing Zig
Thick Film Material
Third Party Inspection
Tipper Body Manufacturer
Tower Parts
Traders for Weighting scale
U. P. S. Job Work
Ultrafine Magnet Wire
Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Ultrasonic pest repellar
Ultrasonic Products
Ultrasonic Stirrer
Unipara Hiverter-UP201i
Universal Tensile Machines
video conferencing
Vision Inspection & Software
Volume meter
Weighing Scale
Winding Wire For Submersible Pump Motors
Wiring Harness
About Us
  • Gandhinagar Electronics Zone Industries Association established since 1987 at the capital of Gujarat...Gandhinagar welcomes all Entrepreurs, Customers ,Suppliers, Ancillary Industries,and manpower to enhance their quest for excellence.
  • GIDC Gandhinagar Electronics Zone is the first and foremost Industrial electronics Zone is the first and foremost Industrial electronics Zone established and dedicated to electronic industries in the state of Gujarat Since 1984.
  • GIDC ELECTRINICS ZONE enjoys one of the best industrial infrastructure and atmosphere for any electronic industry. Well built flatted units are available for immediate implementation of project.
  • (1)Industrial belt is established in 15 area.well equipped with roads light and water facility.
  • GIDC Gandhinagr has been provided electricity by Torrent Power Ltd.,which is considerd electricity by Torrent Power Ltd.,which is considered to be one of the best private Power Company of Gujarat state.
  • Water is provided by GIDC tube well and managed by GEZIA hence thare is no water supply problem.Street light maintence is undertaken by GEZIA and hence day to day problem if any are sloved within no times.
  • (2) MANPOWER  requirement is  very well taken care by local educational institue like ITI, Polytechnic, Govt. Engineering College, Nirma Institute IIM-Ahmedabad Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information technology and IIt at Chandkheda which provides best Technicians/Engineers/MBAS of all Faculties.
  • (3)RESEARCH AND DEVELOPEMENT  / TYESTING FACILITY :- Central Govt. agencies like Electronic quality & Devlopement Centre (EQDC) has established it self at our Electronics Estate to support & D and Testing Facility, in addition to this Indian Standard Institue, National Productive Council (NPC), ISRO, PRL, PLASMA Research Centre are at very neart by distance to extend there helping  hand.
  • (4)Library Facility... well equipped with thousands of tech  books, are always available for any GEZIA member at govt. polytechnic.
  • (5) Electronics Estate Gandhinagar is very well connected with National Highway station at the distance of 5km Airport at the distance of 25kms.
  • (6) GOVT. SUPPOR T:As on date various incentives are available as per Industrial Policy.
  • (7) SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMME, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOP : GEZIA is regularly arranging training program, workshop etc. on special as per the requirements of their members. Such activity has helped our members in terms of technology up gradation,productivity, improvement in quality, time management, inventory control, manpower management cost, saving and thus helped them to gear up to face global competition successfully.
  • (8) There is NO Octroi.
  • (9) There is No Property Tax.
  • (10) LAND available at cheaper rate in comparison to other industrial towns.
  • (11) Gandhinagar does not have and shall not have any pollution problem. Gandhinagar is No. 1 Green Capital of Asia having maximum numbersof trees.
  • (12) LIASING WITH GOVERMENT DEPARTMENTS/ AGENCIES EASY : Gandhinagar being state capital majority of govt. Office are located at Gandhinagar.
  • (13) Satate Bank of India has its branch in Our Electronics Estate.
  • (14) Supporting Facilities which makes your life more easy...

    SCHOOL - 25, College-21, Temples/Church/Mosque-43, Parks/Gardens-2, Bird Century-1, Hotel-3, Restaurents-48, Lical Buses.... every 15 minutes, State transport buses inter linked through out Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra, Shopping Centers in all most very sector, Banks-30, Resident Plots, Flats Provided by GIDC as per their norms, Cinema Theatre-3, Asia’s Biggest Water Park, Doctors-69, Hospitals-18.

    It Seems Govt. Of India has also given due consideration to the above points and has established NIFT (National Industitue of Fashions Technology) and NID at Gandhinagar.

    AND Last But the Least.....GEZIA..... Your Friend and Guide, GEZIA ...A Team of Sucessful Enterpreneurs, GEZIA a Long Lasting family Like association is always you to support and extend its helping hand as and when required.